Blueprints is a humble music and audio production studio located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We cater to clients in both the music and film industries in a variety of capacities, offering creative and technical services like music composition and production, mixing, sound design, foley, ADR, narration/voice acting and location sound, among others. Our clients range from aspiring musicians recording their first album to well-established retailers launching their latest international ad campaign.


Music is our main focus at Blueprints. Writing and recording custom compositions for any application is one of our favourite things to do. We work with artists from many different genres and stages of career, helping from their first demo to their full length record. We also help our clientele with services outside of a normal recording studio, such as grant writing, industry consultations, album packaging design and more. 


Film & TV

We offer services to the film and television industries outside of music composition and production. Sound design and foley are a big part of what we offer for post-production, but we’re also available to help on set as a sound recordist. If you’re looking for the right voice to narrate your project or need to ADR some dialogue, we’re ready to assist with that too.



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