Film & TV

We offer a wide array of services to the film and television industries, like mixing in multiple formats whether it’s 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos, a simple stereo production or anything in between. With foley pits built into our live room we can fill out the sound of your project, or utilize our extensive sound libraries and creative editing to make something new through sound design. Sometimes dialogue has to be re-recorded in studio and we’re equipped for ADR in any of our spaces with remote access for producers and directors through Source Connect and more. If you’re looking for the right voice to narrate your project, or even have it translated first – we’re able to assist with that, too.

Post-Production Services

Assembling all of the different elements of your project together is one thing, but mixing them properly to make sure they blend together is another. Whether it's a basic voiceover for a commercial, or a war scene with countless effects, music and dialogue, we're here to make sure that everything is heard and felt by your audience. Whether it's headed for the web or being sent to a specific streaming platform, we'll make sure the job is done to meet any standards, both creative and technical. In our new facility we can accommodate mixes from stereo to 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Surround Sound with audio cleanup and dialogue editing services also available.
We offer custom composition for your unique projects, with strong experience in a variety of formats and genres. Whether it's an indie horror flick, a 3D Imax feature, or even the theme for a news podcast we are here to help you find your voice and tell your story in the most compelling way possible. Check out our curated demo reel to see what we can do for you.
From the faintest footstep to the thickest thud of a punch, sound needs to be added to added to film productions to either recreate the realism of what occurred on set, or to exaggerate every moment to create something larger than life. Whether we're using tried and true techniques or thinking outside of the box we'll be sure to bring life into your production.
Sound Design
From the delicate sound of a pin dropping to the subsonic boom of a spaceship lifting off, you can let your imagination run wild while we handle the sound design needs of your project. Not only are we comfortable recording original sources, we don’t shy away from combining surprising sonic elements to produce something brand new. Grounded in reality or fantasy, we are committed to bringing a new dimension to your visual project.
Relying on production audio can be a challenge. Maybe there was too much background noise on set that day, changes to the script, or the talent lost their voice from having to scream the same line over and over again. In those scenarios and more you'll need to rely on ADR (automated dialogue replacement). With a wide collection of microphones we can tone match to the original production audio to seamlessly blend in the final mix. Our various studio spaces offer comfortable settings where talent can be as loud or as vulnerable as they need to be to nail that take. Need to have a producer/director/script supervisor attend the session remotely? Take your pick from high end solutions like Source Connect X or other common video conferencing options like Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.
We offer narration services with a variety of microphones to choose from. Does your project require different languages and/or translation services? Whether it's a francophone speaker or an Indigenous language keeper, we're happy to connect you with one of the many voice talents our region has to offer. We offer remote voiceover recording sessions for overseas talent, but can also bring a mobile set up to record traditional speakers in their remote home communities. Contact us so we can help you find the perfect voice.
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