Studio A


The Mothership. This is where we do all of our critical listening whether it’s recording, editing or mixing in a variety of formats ranging from stereo to 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos. Crucial to a good mix is a treated and calibrated room, ready for any kind of project on any scale from music to IMAX.

Attached to the Control Room is a vocal booth for singers, voice actors, narrators, solo instruments and more. With a variety of seating options we can accommodate a number of guests during your session.

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Our most flexible space, the Live Room can switch on a dime from being a musician’s creative sanctuary to a foley artist’s playground. Non-parallel surfaces and double-walled construction make this an acoustically sound place to record everything from thundering drums to literal pin drops. Four pits are built into the floating floor, our space can be used for foley and sound design, as well as a soundstage for filming everything from music videos to corporate videos.

Attached to the Live Room is a large isolation booth suited for tight drums, acoustic instruments, sound effects, ADR and more.

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Studio B

This flexible space can be modified to suit your needs, whether it’s for creation, editorial or showcasing your work to a client. We recommend this space for podcasters, content creators, video editors, and more. This acoustically treated room provides you with peace of mind to work on your project at your own pace. Included in this room are reference speakers, a monitor and an interface. Studio B works great as a bring-your-own-laptop / plug-and-play solution for those that are budget conscious, and a great stepping stone for those interesting in eventually booking Studio A. Available add-ons include microphones, video equipment and more.

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Additional Amenities

In addition to our studio spaces, we have additional amenities like a kitchenette, boardroom/meeting room, lobby, unisex washrooms, and multiple offices available for rent. Everything’s intended to make your visit both as comfortable and functional as possible.

Located in the Intercity area of Thunder Bay, ON, we are minutes away from all shopping and restaurants, with a public transit stop outside our front door.

Studio C

The room that started it all. Since 2014 the space now known as Studio C was the base of all of Blueprints’ operations, responsible for recording, editing and mixing projects up until our new facility opened in January of 2024. Now, Studio C continues operating as a private composition, editing and mixing suite located off-site from Studios A and B.

This room can accommodate mixes up to 5.1 Surround Sound.

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