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  • We have been collaborating with Jean-Paul De Roover at Blueprints since 2009. Throughout the years and various projects we’ve developed together, Jean-Paul has always impressed us with his professionalism and creativity while also consistently delivering a final product that exceeds our lofty expectations. He has scored three of our short films as well as several corporate videos and commercials. He is an invaluable asset to our production team and an unrivaled tour de force within the region for both musical composition and sound design. We have and will continue to turn to Jean-Paul De Roover and Blueprints for our audio needs with zero hesitation.

    Curtis Jensen Director, Apple Wagon Films
  • Jean-Paul is the definitive icon for the new generation of singer-songwriter-composer-performer-engineer-producer. His music and his performances are so innovative and infectious…and his ability to collaborate with others (myself included) is a lifesaver!

    Amin Bhatia Composer, Bhatia Music
  • Working with Jean-Paul De Roover at Blueprints was nothing short of outstanding.

    As a producer, he listened intently to my vision for the project and helped bring it to life in a way I could not have done on my own. He offered timely constructive criticism when it was needed but also let me have the creative freedom I felt I needed as a passionate singer/songwriter. Being a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter himself there was an excellent ebb and flow between the two of us and it became an exciting collaborative effort (through both pre-production and the final recordings). Furthermore, he challenged me in a positive way to put forth the best possible album and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

    Zack Santerre Artist, Zack Bright
  • Jean-Paul was an amazing collaborator on the Science North Under the Same Stars: Minwaadiziwin planetarium show that was presented in Sudbury and as part of a travelling version across Northern Ontario. He brought so many creative, original ideas to the team, and was incredibly responsive to feedback and suggestions. The final soundtrack is beautiful and does a wonderful job of supporting the story and elevating the full, immersive experience. Jean-Paul was a pleasure to work with, and we’re looking forward to many opportunities for future collaborations and joint projects.

    Amy Wilson Producer, Under the Same Stars: Minwaadiziwin, Science North
  • I’ve had the pleasure of knowing & working with Jean-Paul for a number of years now & have contracted him to work on various projects. His level of detail & professionalism are unmatched.  His enthusiasm is infectious and the results have been great!

    Marc Merilainen Artist/Producer, Nadjiwan & Merilainen Music
  • For almost two decades I have been familiar with Jean-Paul‘s work as a writing, performing and recording artist, an audio engineer and a producer. He is an impressively multi-talented person who also happens to have fantastic ears and a rock solid work ethic. Whatever he decides to do, he does it extremely well. I look forward to every chance we have to work together because, invariably, the high quality of the project matches the amount of fun we have had in the process.

    Jon Tornblom Engineer, Transparent Mastering
  • I was able to work with J-P on a personal project called Thunder Bay. Everything was filmed around our area and we were missing a musical component. We wanted to keep this entire production local. That’s when J-P came aboard and brought such a valuable piece to this production. It would not have been successful had we not had his final touch!

    Damien Gilbert Director, Epica Pictures

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