Music is our first true love at Blueprints. We work with artists from many different genres and stages of career, helping them through the recording process from their first demo to the release of their latest full length record. We also help our clients with services outside of a normal recording studio, such as grant writing, industry consultations, album packaging design and more.

Music Production Services

Blueprints offers several professional studio spaces, each with their own acoustic characteristics. With state of the art infrastructure using Auvitran preamps across a Dante network you can count on us to deliver the highest quality with no latency making your recording session a real treat. We embrace tried and true recording techniques while venturing out of our comfort zones to experiment with something new. Need a very specific piece of vintage gear? We have a network of collectors and audio aficionados that we can draw from to find the perfect piece for your project.
Producing is a combination of our creative and technical skills. We work collaboratively with each artist, starting with the first melody, developing the structure and arrangement, coaching them through the recording process until it’s ready to be pressed and distributed. We oversee the whole production so that you can meet your goals on budget, taking the stress of making a record off of your shoulders and letting you focus on your art.
Mixing & Mastering
We love to get that mix just right, whether it was recorded in our studio, at your home or even compiled virtually. Whether you're aiming for stereo streaming on a smartphone or 7.1.4 Atmos surround sound, we'll make sure it sounds the best it can no matter what format. Trust our ears, gear and software to help put the final polish on your recording with new mastering services to help make your mix sound competitive and appropriate whether it's destined for a Spotify playlist or a vinyl record.

Other Services

Grant Writing

Applying for grants can be an overwhelming process. With members of the team having sat on grant decision juries for several prominent Canadian funding organizations, we have unique insight that will help guide and strengthen your applications.

Artist Development / Consultations

Blueprints can help you at any stage of your musical and career development, opening new doors to your musical success, including royalties, radio, and touring. We work with a range of clients, from youth looking for guidance and wanting to learn, to established musicians wanting to push to that next level. We look forward to working with you as you try something new, whatever it may be.

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